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The word bookworm refers, of course, to insects that feed on books or, in the sense used here, to people who love books and reading.
"Bookworm" was created for just such people.

With the multimedia era now upon us, the boundaries between books, CDs, videos, and other media are becoming less distinct.
Here at Shin'eido, we have begun to sell multimedia products in our stores believing that each has its own distinctive features -- each its own taste or flavor -- that sets it apart from all the others.

The printed word, the book, also has something that makes it different.
In fact, books can be said to form the foundation upon which all the other media rest.

In the multimedia era to come, it may be perfectly acceptable to use another appellation, but given the fundamental importance of books to human thought and our own deep attachment to them, we at Shin'eido will continue to proudly call ourselves "booksellers".

It is our hope that through "Bookworm" we can better serve our regional customers and create more opportunities for readers to encounter books that make a difference.

If our "Book of the Day" should provide food for thought or perhaps a bright spot of entertainment, we would have happily achieved our purpose.

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